Kelas 10
Kelas 11
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Bahasa Inggris

Self Introduction

Introducing Myself

Family Tree

My Likes and Dislikes

Primary Auxiliary Verbs

Personal Pronouns

Compliments and Congratulations

Complimenting and Congratulating Someone

Responding to Compliments and Congratulations

Examples of Compliments and Congratulations

Langfeat: Plural Nouns

Intentions and Plans

Expressing Plans and Intentions

Text about Plans

Prediction (Degree of Certainty)

Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text

Langfeat: Articles and Nouns

Langfeat: Noun Modifiers

Langfeat: Attributive and Predicative Adjectives

Langfeat: Compound Adjectives

Announcement Text

Announcement Text

Understanding Announcement Text

Derivative Nouns

Simple Past Tense and Present Perfect Tense

Regular and Irregular Verbs

Simple Past Tense

Present Perfect Tense

Comparison: Simple Past and Present Perfect

Recount Text

Recount Text

Language Features: Simple Past and Past Continous Tense

Language Features: Sequence Adverbs

Language Features: Adverbs of Time

Language Features: Adverbial Clauses

Narrative Text

Narrative Text and Structure

Expressions to Tell a Story, Event, End a Story, Respond or Show Attention to a Story

Language Features: Simple Past and Past Perfect Tense

Language Features: Action and Non-progressive Verbs

Language Features: Direct vs. Indirect Speech (Reported Speech) in Narrative Text