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Bahasa Inggris

Advices and Suggestions

Asking for Advices, Giving Advices

Accepting and Rejecting Advices

Modals for Giving Advices

Expressing Obligations and Prohibitions

Modals for Obligations and Prohibitions

Opinions and Thoughts

Asking and Giving Opinions

Expressing Agreement

Expressing Disagreement


Modals of Preference

Invitation Letter

Structure of Formal and Informal Invitations

How to Write an Invitation Letter

Response to Invitation Letter

Exposition Text

Exposition Structure and Features

Analytical vs. Hortatory Exposition

Language Features: Causal Conjunctions

Language Features: Indefinite Pronouns

Language Features: Verb to Nouns

Cause and Effect

Causes and Effect Relationsip, Linking Cause and Effect using Verbs

Linking Cause and Effects using Conjunctions, Connectives and Prepositions

Language Features: Complex Sentences

Analyzing Cause and Effect Text

Passive Voice

Passive Voice: The Basics

Passive Voice in Different Tenses

Passive Voice in Text

Personal Letter

Personal Letter Structure

Language Features: Tenses

Types of Personal Letter

Subject and Verb Agreement

Phrasal Verbs

Explanation Text

Giving and Asking for Explanation

Definition and Structure

Language Features: Passive Voice in Simple Present Tense

Explanation Text Example

Language Features: Capitalization