Kelas 10
Kelas 11
Kelas 12
Bahasa Inggris

Asking for and Giving Help

Accepting and Declining Help

Making, Accepting, and Declining Requests

Language Feature: Causative Verbs

Conditionals and Wishes

Conditionals (0 & 1st)

Conditionals (2nd, 3rd, and Mixed)

Conditionals Without 'If' and Using Wish

Job Application Letter

Job Application Cover Letter

Job Application Letter and E-mail

Curriculum Vitae

Vacancy Ads

Caption Text and Visual Information

Caption Text Definition, Functions and Elements

Caption Text Common Style

Interpreting Pie Charts

Interpreting Tables

Caption Text: Journalistic vs. Academic Style

News Item Text

News Item Elements

News Item Structure

News Headlines

News Vocabulary

Language Features: Present Perfect Tense