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Sobat Zenius, gimana nih persiapan belajar elo menuju SNBT (UTBK) 2023? Seperti yang elo tahu, kini seleksi masuk PTN berfokus pada soal TPS, di mana salah satunya adalah literasi Bahasa Inggris.

Setelah para tutor Zenius analisa, soal Bahasa Inggris dalam UTBK sebelumnya lebih berat ke pada pemahaman grammar dan kemampuan elo menentukan ide pokok dalam bacaan. Kini, soal TPS baru, yang dirancang oleh Badan Asesmen Nasional, akan lebih menekankan pada kemampuan elo dalam menganalisa bacaan serta logika elo dalam memahami kalimat.

Elo akan bertemu soal yang membutuhkan level understanding tinggi dibanding tipe soal sebelumnya. Misal, nggak hanya paham alur wacana, elo pun juga harus bisa memaknai sebuah teks dari sudut pandang penulisnya.

Nah, tentunya Zenius udah beradaptasi dengan perkembangan ini. Para tutor dengan ngebut dan cermat langsung merancang soal baru yang setiap materinya kita kurasi dengan hati-hati. Yuk, sekarang kita coba lihat yuk contoh-contoh soalnya! 

Bahas Soal per Bab 

Dalam rangka mempersiapkan SNBT (UTBK) 2023, Zenius udah siapin berbagai latihan soal TPS Bahasa Inggris yang dijamin bikin elo siap tempur menghadapi SNBT 2023.  Sebagai pemanasan, kita coba dulu yuk satu persatu soal sesuai dengan levelnya. 

Soal 1: Tes Evaluasi Level 0

Marissa: “Ms. Linda is on maternity leave starting from next week.”

Kia: “Oh my god, does that mean her classes will be independent study?”

Marissa: “I don’t think so. I heard the teachers talking about a … teacher coming soon.”

Which adjective is not suitable to fill in the blank?

A. new

B. Japanese

C. female

D. substitute

E. ancient

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Level 0 Part 1 

Soal 2: Tes Evaluasi Level 1

To Joséphine, … I love with all my heart.

Since I left Paris, I have been constantly sad. My happiness is to be near you. I miss all the times you and … had spent together. Incessantly I live over in my memory your face, your tears, your affectionate words. The charms of the incomparable Joséphine kindle continually a burning and a glowing ame in my heart. … can beat your true beauty and love. When shall I be able to spend all my time with you, having only to love you, and to think only of the happiness of so

saying, and of proving it to you?

My heart is ….


Source: (with modications)

Fill in the blanks with the most suitable pronouns!

A. which; I; no one; yours

B. whom; me; no one; mine

C. who; me; everybody; yours

D. whom; I; nobody; mine

E. whom; I; no one; yours

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Level 1 Part 1 

Soal 3: Tes Evaluasi Level 2

… is an essential way to increase your intelligence.

Fill in the blank!

A. Reading

B. Read

C. Reads

D. Wrote

E. Write

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Level 2 Part 1

Soal 4: Tes Evaluasi Level 3

The collapse of the colonial empires of the past and proclamation of independence of African countries did not mean the end of an era of exploitation of former dependent countries, both from the former colonial powers, and by the other industrialized world-powers. Classic colonialism, based on military coercion and implying incorporation of colonial territories into the political system of the metropolis, has given way to neocolonialism.

The latter is a latent form, not based on direct coercion and deprivation of sovereignty exploitation of developing countries by the developed world-powers. Neocolonialism included numerous specic methods of political and economic manipulation. These include the planting of corruption and outright bribery of African political elites, the system of bonded

loans, the use of so-called humanitarian aid as a tool of manipulation, the use of armed force in the name of maintenance of peace, and the use of inciting tribalist conict.

Source: (with modications)

  1. Which of these statements is correct according to the passage?

A. African countries have been exploited by the colonial empires before neocolonialism arose.

B. Developing African countries have not been totally freed from colonialists.

C. Developed world-powers have used military coercion to exploit African countries until now.

D. The colonial empires had planted corruption before neocolonialism arose.

E. Developing African countries have been coerced indirectly by the developed world-powers.

  1. Which of these statements is incorrect?

A. Will you have done everything by seven?

B. Will we have arrived by the time it gets dark?

C. This Sunday they’ll have been staying in London for three weeks.

D. I won’t have left by six.

E. I don’t know if Sarah is coming. I will have talked to her tomorrow

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Level 3 Part 1

Soal 5: Reading Comprehension Drill

Oke sekarang kita bakal fokus ke contoh soal reading comprehension. Di sini Zenius udah merancang soal-soal wacana literasi bahasa Inggris berdasarkan level kesulitannya.  

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 1

This text is for question number 1 to 4.

(1) However, while not especially serious, eating onions can also cause problems for some people. (2) The carbohydrates in onions may cause gas and bloating. (3) Onions, especially if consumed raw, can worsen heartburn in people who suffer from chronic heartburn or gastric reux disease. (4) Moreover, research published in Integrative Cancer Therapies found that consuming fresh yellow onion helped lessen insulin resistance.

Eating a large amount of green onions or rapidly increasing your consumption of green onions may interfere withblood thinning drugs, according to the University of Iowa. Green onions contain a high amount of vitamin K, which can decrease blood thinner functioning.

It is also possible to have a food intolerance or an allergy to onions, but cases are rare. People with onion allergies may experience red, itchy eyes and rashes if an onion comes into contact with the skin. People with an intolerance to onions may experience nausea, vomiting and other gastric discomfort. 

People have to make sure their onions are fresh. Onions spoil much faster if they are chopped or sliced. Research published in the Journal Food Protection that unrefrigerated yellow onions showed potential growth of E.coli and salmonella, though refrigerated ones did not.

Source: (with modications)

  1. The irrelevant sentence in paragraph 1 is in number ….

A. (1)

B. (2)

C. (3)

D. (4)

E. none of above

  1. The word “can” in paragraph 1 states ….

A. ability

B. request

C. possibility

D. suggestion

E. speculation

  1. The preceding paragraph would probably discuss about ….

A. why people should eat onions

B. the health benetits of eating onions

C. many nutritions contained in raw onions

D. the health problems when consuming huge amounts of onion

E. how onion has been consumed since thousands of years ago

  1. If you eat onions, …..

Which statement below is the most suitable to complete the sentence above?

A. you experience nausea or other gastric discomforts.

B. your blood thinning function might get negatively affected.

C. your chronic heartburn situation will get worsened.

D. they will cause you allergic reactions such as itchy eyes.

E. you are not supposed to chop, slice and not refrigerate them.

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 1

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 2

This text is for question number 1 to 5.

Thor, Odin, Freyja, and the other Norse gods are well-known names even today, but guring out what the Vikings actually believed about them is a tricky business. Prior to the arrival of Christian missionaries and travelers starting around A.D. 800, the people of Scandinavia didn’t write much of anything down. The sagas, poems and ballads that record the tales of the Norse pantheon were all written down relatively late, between the 12th and 14th centuries. When the tales were written down, Christians or people who’d come in contact with Christians were the ones doing the writing — meaningit’s hard to say whether Christian values had colored the tales.

(1) Still, the sagas and poems do reveal some information about pre-Christian Scandinavian belief, particularly when combined with archaeological evidence. (2) There is an ongoing anthropological debate over whether supernatural beliefs form the scaffolding of complex societies. (3) Some evidence from history and psychology studies suggests that a god or

gods can keep people in line with the threat of punishment, thus increasing cooperation, even among strangers. (4) But if this is true, it’s not entirely clear whether a “big” god like the all-knowing god of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths is necessary. (5) There also exists an argument that any sort of monitoring by otherworldly beings will do the trick.

The Vikings were an intriguing case study for the question of whether a god or gods can help facilitate the development of a complex society, because they went through major changes between around A.D. 750 and A.D. 1050. At the beginning of this period, Scandinavia was peopled by small tribes. By the end, it was a hierarchical society of kingdoms, politics and laws that was capable of launching seafaring expeditions all the way to North America. Researchers

wanted to know if moralizing high gods, or “big” gods like the God of the Bible, were necessary for this transformation.

Adapted from (with modications)

  1. What is the main purpose of paragraph 1?

A. To illustrate the impact of the Christian missionaries and travelers on Scandinavian society.

B. To assert the importance of the Norse gods’ existence in early Scandinavian society.

C. To discuss how it’s difcult to decipher what the Scandinavians believed about their gods.

D. To describe what the sagas, poems, and ballads actually tell about the Norse pantheons.

E. To explain why the sagas, poems, and ballads can’t help in understanding the Norse belief.

  1. “There is an ongoing anthropological debate over whether supernatural beliefs form the scaffolding of complex societies.”

The word ‘ scaffolding’ in paragraph 2 has the closest meaning to ….

A. beginning

B. continuity

C. demise

D. destruction

E. support

  1. Which of the sentences in paragraph 2 is the least relevant?

A. (1)

B. (2)

C. (3)

D. (4)

E. (5)

  1. “At the beginning of this period, Scandinavia was peopled by small tribes. By the end, it was a hierarchical society of kingdoms, politics, and laws that was capable of launching seafaring expeditions all the way to North America.”

Which of the following best paraphrases the statement above?

A. Scandinavians who started as small tribes were able to advance to a complex society with kingdoms, politics, and laws that was able to do expeditions overseas as far as the American continent.

B. Scandinavians were able to launch seafaring expeditions because they started off as small tribes that eventually grew into a hierarchical society with kingdoms, politics, and laws.

C. Even though at the beginning of the period Scandinavians only lived as small tribes, they strived to be better and became a complex society that were able to do seafaring expeditions that reached North America.

D. Scandinavians who were small tribes wouldn’t have been able to launch seafaring expeditions to North America had they not been a hierarchical society of kingdoms, politics, and laws.

E. Scandinavians were launching seafaring expeditions to North America in order to transform their society from small tribes into a hierarchical one with kingdoms, politics, and laws.

  1. “Researchers wanted to know if moralizing high gods, or “big” gods like the God of the Bible, were necessary for this transformation.”

The statement above uses the word “if” most similarly to ….

A. If the world didn’t revolve around me, then why do many people want my affection?

B. Mark will go and join the debate extracurricular club if you also come with him.

C. Would she have practiced all these songs if you hadn’t come and supervised her?

D. If your opinion were really true, I’m sure nobody would have berated you for saying it.

E. My best friend always asks if I am interested in dating any of her boy friends.

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 2

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 3

This text is for question number 1 to 3.

[1] Women with attention-decit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often live undiagnosed. This diagnosis gap happens partly because it’s a condition that was traditionally thought to affect mostly men, but also because women tend to have less obvious or socially disruptive symptoms than men.

[2] One of the reasons why ADHD frequently goes undiagnosed in women and girls is that their symptoms often differ from those of men and boys. ADHD comes in three presentations: inattentive, hyperactive/impulsive, or a combination of the two. Men and boys tend to have hyperactive/impulsive ADHD, which may cause them to be dgety, always on the go, disruptive, restless, talkative, impulsive, impatient, and have mood swings. Women, on the other hand, have a tendency to exhibit inattentive ADHD, which makes it hard to focus, pay attention to details, stay organized, listen, and remember things.

[3] The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls (12.9\% vs. 5.6\%). However, research suggests that this disparity is not because boys are more susceptible but instead because girls are consistently underdiagnosed.

[4] ADHD symptoms in girls are often viewed as character traits rather than symptoms of a condition. For example, a girl might be described as spacey, forgetful, or chatty. Later in life, a woman might reach out for help for her symptoms, only to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety instead.

  1. What is the main idea of the text?

A. The symptoms of ADHD in women are frequently looked over and cause them to be underdiagnosed.

B. ADHD in women is supposedly a frequent occurrence, but often overlooked.

C. There is a stark difference between men and women diagnosed with ADHD, but women are underdiagnosed.

D. Women are often underdiagnosed for medical symptoms and it causes a difference in gender rates.

E. Research shows that men have higher chances of being diagnosed with ADHD than women.

  1. The bolded word ‘might’ describes a ….

A. wish

B. obligation

C. permission

D. ability

E. possibility

  1. From the text, we can conclude that ….

A. Even though men and women suffer similar symptoms for ADHD, men have higher chances of suffering from ADHD.

B. Women with ADHD also suffer from anxiety and depression later in life.

C. Symptoms of ADHD in women are supposedly the same symptoms seen in men.

D. There is a possibility the numbers in the research are not accurate because women with ADHD are most likely living undiagnosed.

E. The research provides proof that ADHD rates are higher in men, so women are unlikely to be diagnosed with it.

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 3

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 4

This text is for question number 1 to 3.

Tech company Gogle’s popular word processing software, Gogle Docs, will be equipped with a feature that suggests ways to improve the quality of your writing in addition to xing straightforward grammar and spelling errors. A purple squiggly line will helpfully appear under suggestions to help make your writing more concise, inclusive, active, or to warn you away

from inappropriate words.

“The feature will give you suggestions when there are opportunities to structure a sentence with an active voice or when a sentence can be more concise, helping to make your writing more impactful. Potentially discriminatory or inappropriate language will be agged, along with suggestions on how to make your writing more inclusive and appropriate for your audience,” reads the ofcial blog post about the nifty addition.

These kinds of suggestions have long been available via third-party writing assistant applications like Grammarlee, which is able to integrate with Gogle Docs and aims to help improve the quality of your writing. Depending on the quality of Gogle Docs’s native suggestions, it could vastly reduce the need for these third-party services. This is not the rst time that Gogle has turned third-party services unnecessary, and it’s kind of awful of Gogle to keep doing that, but then again, erce competition is always to be expected in the world of tech.

The catch is that Gogle isn’t rolling out this assistive writing feature to all Gogle Docs users. It says that the feature, called Tone and Style Assistant, will be available for subscribers of the enterprise and education plans, including “Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, [and] Education Plus”. Gogle’s internal list of eligible users

has shown that more than ten million Gogle Docs users are subscribed to those plans, and therefore will get the upcoming assistive writing feature. However, that means if you’re on a more basic plan like Gogle Workspace Essentials, you won’t get this neat feature.


Source: (with modications)

  1. What does the passage mainly talk about?

A. Gogle’s word processing software

B. a replacement to third-party writing assistant applications

C. the Tone and Style Assistant

D. the features of Gogle Docs

E. improving writing quality

  1. What is the author’s attitude towards the upcoming writing quality improvement feature in Gogle Docs?

A. understanding

B. objective

C. critical

D. positive

E. uncertain

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 4

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 5

This text is for question number 1 to 3.

1) The Ford Motor Company has revealed plans to invest over $11 billion dollars in the development and production of electric cars by 2022. The announcement was made public at the Detroit Motor Show.

(2) The American carmaker plans to produce 16 fully battery-driven vehicles and 24 hybrid cars by 2022. At the moment, the focus is the only Ford car that can be driven by batteries alone.

Apart from producing electric-driven cars for the North American market, Ford also aims at increasing sales to China, the largest growing car market in the world. In addition, it wants to become the world’s leader in fuel-efcient trucks. (3) The car producer also plans to bring a battery-driven SUV on the market by 2022.

(4) Instead of creating completely new electric vehicles from scratch, Ford wants to electrify cars that are already popular because people will know what they get and buy more easily.

Automobile manufacturers around the world are under pressure to develop electric cars because many large countries, including China, India, France and the U.K. have said they would phase out vehicles powered by internal combustion engines within the next two decades. (5) They also face erce competition from companies like Tesla, a car-maker that specialises in innovative technologies.


  1. “As battery costs are going down rapidly, carmakers may nd it easier to produce electric cars with higher mileage and at cheaper prices.”

The sentence above would be best placed after the sentence ….

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

  1. The phrase “phase out” in paragraph 5 could be replaced by ….

A. discontinue

B. continue

C. change

D. break

E. start

  1. From the passage above, we can infer that ….

A. Ford is ready to compete with Tesla in producing electric products.

B. Ford has plan to upgrade its old products to become electronic ones.

C. Ford aims to be the world’s largest car manufacturer in the world.

D. Car manufacturers are forced to stop producing cars with internal engines.

E. The investment done by Ford is expected to produce fully battery-driven cars.

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 5

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 6

Most people associate the company Michelin with car tyres, guide books and stars for quality restaurants. However, the French tyre maker is now helping ships to be more environmentally friendly. The company has tested giant sails that it hopes will make shipping greener.

Shipping currently produces a lot of carbon dioxide as oil tankers, container ships and giant cruise ships rely on fossil fuels to move around the world’s oceans. Experts say the industry produces around 940 million tons of CO2 annually, and that it is responsible for about 2.5 percent of the world’s greenhouse gasses. Michelin’s engineers say their revolutionary new sails

could reduce the amount of CO2 produced by the shipping industry by 20 percent.

Michelin is using the ancient technology of sails to tackle the most urgent problem facing the world today – climate change. Boats have used sails for 5,000 years to cross oceans or travel along rivers. The new Michelin sails are different. They are inatable. This means a ship’s crew can ll the sails with air to inate them to full size. The sails can be deated quickly if a ship needs to sail under a low bridge. The sails Michelin tested are 280 square meters in size. The company hopes to start manufacturing and selling them in 2022. A company spokesperson said: “Our aim is to contribute to the de-carbonization of maritime transport.” He added that the good thing about wind is that it is a free fuel.

The noun “the industry” refers to ….

A. Michelin

B. giant sails

C. shipping industry

D. giant cruise ships

E. the French tyre maker

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 6

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 7

This text is for question number 1 to 4.

For decades, libraries have relied on fines to discourage patrons from returning books late. But a growing number of some of the country’s biggest public library systems are ditching overdue fees after finding that the penalties drive away the people who stand to benefit the most from free library resources. (1) From San Diego to Chicago to Boston, public libraries that have analyzed the effects of late fees on their cardholders have found that they disproportionately deter low-income residents and children. (2) Low-income residents are those whose annual income is less than 130—150% of the federal poverty income level.

Acknowledging these consequences, the American Library Association passed a resolution in January in which it recognizes fines as “a form of social inequity” and calls on libraries nationwide to nd a way to eliminate their fines. (3) “Library users with limited income tend to stay away from libraries because they may be afraid of incurring debt,” said Ramiro Salazar, president of the association’s public library division. (4) “It stands to reason these same users will also stay away if they have already incurred a fine simply because they don’t have the money to pay the fine.”

Lifting fines has had a surprising dual effect: More patrons are returning to the library, with their late materials in hand. (5) Chicago saw a 240% increase in the return of materials within three weeks of implementing its fine-free policy last month. The library system also had 400 more card renewals compared with that time last year. “It became clear to us that there were families that couldn’t afford to pay the fines and therefore couldn’t return the materials, so then we just lost them as patrons altogether,” said Andrea Telli, the city’s library commissioner. “We wanted our materials back, and more importantly, we wanted our patrons back.”

  1. Which of the following statements is not supported by the passage?

A. In a bid to attract patrons, many libraries have stopped charging fines for overdue books and other materials.

B. Rather than motivating borrowers to return items on time, penalties deter people from using the library because of the risk of incurring fines.

C. Libraries that have removed late fees report few adverse effects on material return rates.

D. The populations who need the library most are the same people being barred from the library due to fines.

E. Libraries serving low-income areas have higher average debt amounts and more blocked users.

  1. The bolded word “they” in paragraph 1 refers to ….

A. late fees

B. cardholders

C. public libraries

D. effects

E. San Diego, Chicago, and Boston

  1. Below are the possible advantages of eliminating overdue fines, except ….

A. increasing the return rate of overdue materials

B. ensuring equitable access to information and knowledge for all patrons

C. encouraging prior patrons to reconnect with their local libraries

D. motivating patrons to return books on time

E. removing barriers to access for children

  1. Which sentence is irrelevant to the topic of the passage?

A. sentence (1)

B. sentence (2)

C. sentence (3)

D. sentence (4)

E. sentence (5)

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 7

Tes Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 8

This text is for question number 1 to 3.
Just west of Toronto last summer, startled biologists counted more than 20,000 goldfish in a single urban stormwater pond the size of two basketball courts. And the fish, probably descended from dumped pets, were thriving numerically—some had even grown into three-pound behemoths. Cities around North America have increasingly been building stormwater ponds in the past 40 years to capture rain and runoff, and invasive goldfish are flourishing in thousands of them.

(1) The stormwater ponds are harsh and unstable as the oxygen is low and water levels fluctuate frequently with rainfall. (2) Yet, goldfish have evolved a special metabolic system that can sometimes enable them to survive up to survive months without oxygen. (3) Through this destructive behavior, goldfish engineer their habitat in ways that make it worse for other species that catch prey by sight or depend on sunlight. (4) This makes scientists worry that this latter ability will give goldfish a competitive advantage over native species as global warming causes oxygen levels in lakes and rivers to decrease.

(1) As the concern about these potential super invaders grows, there has to be some prevention measures to manage them. (2) For example, signs could be placed around ponds to advise fish owners to return unwanted pets to the store or give them to a friend instead of dumping them. (3) Beyond this public messaging, land developers and engineers may want to reconsider stormwater pond design to keep out goldfish and other invasive species. (4) This might include building barriers between ponds and adjacent waterways or stocking ponds with goldfish predators such as largemouth bass, which are already native to the areas involved.

Scientists are hoping to better understand the threat in order to protect the downstream native fish nurseries and wetlands. Until then, all stakeholders must do their part to make sure that the goldfish don’t get into the wild.

Adapted from (with modications)

  1. What is true about the invading goldfish discussed in the text?

A. They have been invading the stormwater ponds in North America within the past 40 years.

B. Not only did the invading goldfish grow in number, some of them also grew in size.

C. Within summer last year, a stormwater pond in Toronto had accumulated about 20,000 goldfish

D. Most goldfish evolved to withstand fluctuating water levels and survve months without oxygen

E. Engineers should not populate ponds with largemouth bass to keep the goldfish thriving

  1. Which of the following sentences is irrelevant to paragraph 2?

A. (1)

B. (2)

C. (3)

D. (4)

E. (5)

  1. “Through this destructive behavior, goldfish engineer their habitat in ways that make it worse for other species that catch prey by sight or depend on sunlight.”

Which of the following best restates the above statement?

A. Other species that catch prey depending on sunlight have their habitat torn down due to the destructive behavior of the goldfish

B. An engineer specializing in creating habitat for goldfish often makes it worse for other species that catch prey by sight through harmful behaviors

C. The goldfish create their habitat through destructive behavior in order to make other weaker species not able to catch prey or get any sunlight

D. Other species that catch prey by sight or depend on sunlight have a harder time as goldfish design their habitat through this harmful behavior.

E. Goldfish destructively create their habitat after making things worse for other species that catch prey by sight or depend on sunlight.

Nah, kalau elo udah jawab, pembahasannya bisa klik di sini ya: Pembahasan Test Evaluasi Reading Comprehension 8

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